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“Milk Run” Approach: a more efficient industrial logistics


BLL Trasporti and the supply chain management

As the name suggests, the “Milk Run” approach draws inspiration from the milk supply method used by American families in the 1950s and 1960s. Once the milk was consumed, the family would leave the empty bottle outside their door. The milkman, who came by at a specific time, would refill the bottle with fresh milk. If two bottles were empty, both would be refilled. If no milk had been used, the milkman moved on to the next house. Through “Milk Run,” families could save time and money, as well as contribute to environmental sustainability by reusing the glass bottles.

But how does this method apply to the transportation sector? It involves a more efficient and punctual scheduling of pickups and deliveries, based on the customer’s production needs. This optimization applies to both inbound and outbound flows, including reverse logistics.

How the “Milk Run” approach works

By adopting the “Milk Run” approach, a transportation company can combine multiple pickups and deliveries from predetermined suppliers and customers within the same trip. This reduces transportation costs and ensures greater punctuality. For instance, this approach is used with suppliers of materials destined for returnable packaging, which are used for material containment.

In planning a “Milk Run,” the average demand of production lines must be considered to optimize supply routes and make the routes efficient. This aligns transportation times with production times, avoiding unnecessarily long routes for small deliveries.

This system offers numerous advantages: simplifying logistical management; streamlining supply flows; reducing circulating vehicles and distance traveled; improving vehicle load capacity; cutting transportation and logistics costs; reducing inventory, stock value, and associated risks; drastically shortening delivery cycles; exponentially increasing production flexibility; and aiding the environment.

BLL Trasporti’s “Milk Run” approach

With a fleet of experienced couriers, BLL Trasporti is your reliable partner for designing and planning “Milk Run” pickups and deliveries. We ensure effective service coverage throughout Northern and Central Italy. With us, you can count on non-stop and secure logistics, consistently monitored.

Contact us for more information. We will respond as quickly as possible with a personalized proposal and a transportation solution tailored to your needs.

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