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A freight and logistics company serving the territory


Where it’s needed, when it’s needed

At BLL Trasporti, we have a mission: to provide the best freight and logistics services to small, medium, and large businesses in our region. We aim to enable them to grow and always have access to the raw materials they need to produce their goods.

How do we achieve this? Thanks to a network of individuals who collaborate every day to ensure reliable and fast freight transportation throughout Northern and Central Italy. By combining the advantages of a state-of-the-art fleet with the expertise of highly trained personnel, we can meet the needs of all our clients.

Our history is deeply rooted in the territory where we operate. This is evident in our three branches in Milan, Bologna, and Reggio Emilia, which are directly involved in the operational and commercial management of each shipment, with particular attention to all service-related needs. This organization allows us to closely understand and concretely address the requests of various clients. We consider this aspect essential in providing an increasingly efficient transportation service.

Freight transport and logistics: speed and punctuality, anywhere

Elevate your business with a reliable and experienced partner in the field of industrial logistics, like BLL Trasporti. Thanks to an expert and swift fleet of trucks, capable of providing 24-hour delivery to over 1300 locations in Italy and 48-hour delivery throughout the Northern and Central regions, we offer both fast and collective transport services, as well as full-load shipments across the entire territory. This ensures safety and quality at all levels. Our network connects every location, providing special transport with hydraulic tailgates, transportation of various ADR hazardous goods classes, and satellite tracking with onboard GPS installation.

Your company grows with us. Contact us for more information. We will respond as quickly as possible with a personalized proposal and a transportation solution tailored to your needs. Also, take a look at our LinkedIn page for all updates regarding our flagship services and the logistics and transportation sectors.

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