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BLL Trasporti’s heavy trucks: 18-ton and 26-ton models


Trucks for fast and secure transport

In the extensive fleet of vehicles at BLL Trasporti for industrial logistics management, alongside vans for lightweight transport and flatbeds, we also have heavy trucks. These are vehicles designed for road transportation of large quantities of goods.

At BLL, we transport numerous shipments every day, and we understand that collective shipments can vary greatly in weight and volume from one shipment to another. With our heavy trucks, we can ensure flexibility in pickups and deliveries even when quantities change at the last minute.

We have two types of heavy trucks: the 18-ton model (Mercedes-Benz Antos 1830) and the 26-ton model (Mercedes-Benz Axor 2530). Both types are exclusively available in curtain-side versions with side openings. Their excellent load capacity of 25 Euro pallets makes them ideal for handling voluminous and heavy shipments.

The right vehicle for every delivery

There are no limits to what our fleet of vehicles can accomplish. To optimize the logistical management of our clients and meet their diverse transportation needs, we’ve equipped our vehicles for loading and unloading various types of products. This includes ADR goods, heavy cargo, and items requiring a hydraulic tailgate. Whether it’s vans, trucks, lorries, or flatbeds, each vehicle is equipped with all necessary safety devices, along with GPS and onboard computers to ensure online tracking during the journey.

Collaboration with specialized partners and the presence of specially trained personnel are BLL Trasporti‘s guarantee for safe, fast, and high-quality transport. We are leaders in the industrial logistics sector, thanks to an experienced and swift fleet that can deliver within 24 hours to over 1300 locations in Italy and within 48 hours throughout the North and Central Italy.

Plan your next shipment with BLL Trasporti and contact us for more information. We’ll respond as quickly as possible with a personalized proposal and a transportation solution tailored to your needs. Also, take a look at our LinkedIn page for all updates regarding our flagship services and the logistics and transportation sectors.

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