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In Italy two million workers in the logistics sector


As a Mediterranean peninsular nation, sited at the heart of the most advanced commercial area in Europe, Italy has always relied on road transportation, partly due to an often inefficient management of the transportation network.

Our maritime ports welcomed goods such as wine, oil, and timber even in the Middle Ages, and starting from the 19th century, trains transported raw materials to our emerging industrial sites. In the recent past, we have delivered vital medical supplies via water, air, railways, and roads to protect the public from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The numbers in the freight transportation and logistics sector are staggering: each year, 1.6 billion tons of goods are transported in and out. To give you an idea of the enormity of this figure, think about it as equivalent to loading 10,000 aircraft carriers!

However, much of this work is done behind the scenes, and the complexity, organization, and expertise that characterize the shipping industry are often taken for granted. We expect merchandise to be effortlessly delivered to our doorstep from sellers located thousands of kilometers away. We expect supermarket shelves to be consistently stocked with a rich selection of local and global products. We expect construction materials for buildings and infrastructure to be readily available for our every need. Yet, what we rarely see are the over 2 million workers employed in the logistics sector, including heavy vehicle operators, machinists, pilots, and ground staff at airports and maritime ports, as well as personnel in distribution centers. These invisible heroes often work at night to ensure that everything happens during the day. These heroes do a lot: they fuel our economy and provide the quality of life we want and need.

To employees, partners, and all entities involved in the logistics and shipping sector, BLL Trasporti extends its gratitude and wishes for many more miles to travel together.

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