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Active Monitoring: your shipments always secure


Intelligent tracking by BLL Trasporti

For those who send shipments relying on postal services or a courier, online tracking service is one of the most requested and utilized tools. Whether it’s envelopes, packages, or pallets, the ability to monitor the merchandise must always be guaranteed. That’s why various tracking tools or software have been developed, enabling users to check the position and status of their shipment directly from their own computer.

In order to enhance our clients’ customer experience, we have integrated a new digital tracking service: Active Monitoring. Through a web platform that can be integrated with any management system, it’s possible to control, record, and manage the real-time position, temperature, humidity, brightness, and tilting of the merchandise, using both reusable and disposable devices that automatically send the required information. This logistic solution allows for simple, fast, secure, and cost-effective shipment monitoring.

Continuous and Real-time Tracking

The preservation of product integrity and security is always ensured with Active Monitoring, thanks to the use of GPS or GPRS trackers and sensors. At the customer’s specific request, these tools are inserted directly into the packaging. From there, they continuously send a real-time signal to interactive maps, graphs, and tables accessible through our online platform. Any drops, tampering, or tilting during handling are automatically notified with alarms on the management system. All data recorded during transportation are made available and downloadable at any moment.

Secure and timely shipments with BLL Trasporti

The transport and logistics sector is in constant evolution. We at BLL Trasporti have decided to embrace technological innovations and implement our services with new shipment tracking systems like Active Monitoring. This has allowed us to respond to our customers’ needs with greater efficiency and punctuality.

We possess an efficient fleet of vehicles, always at your service. Our vehicles are under constant surveillance and equipped for all types of deliveries, to ensure effective coverage throughout Northern and Central Italy. We are the reliable partner for your logistical organization, an experienced courier you can rely on for your deliveries and pickups. Contact us to discover the advantages of Active Monitoring.

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