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Cash-on-delivery shipping: what it is and how it works


An easier and faster way to manage your shipments

How many times have you been faced with the crucial question of whether your company offers cash-on-delivery (COD) shipments? Despite the exponential growth in credit card usage, PayPal, and Mobilepay, cash-on-delivery remains highly sought after. Its market share has remained relatively unchanged over time. But what exactly is it? COD is a payment method for remote purchases, in which the courier is tasked and authorized by the sender to collect payment for the shipped goods.

Advantages of COD shipping

COD shipments often raise suspicion and skepticism, especially in Italy. However, it is actually one of the safest and most efficient payment methods in the world, often recommended for those concerned about potential online scams or data theft. There are multiple reasons to choose COD shipping, let's explore the main ones:

  • Increased Revenue: If there is a payment obligation upon the retrieval or delivery of the item, this leads to higher revenue and boosts the business volume of the transportation company.
  • Market Share Value: According to the 2018 Netcomm edition, Digital Innovation and Politecnico di Milano presented research stating that the average annual value of online purchases is around €27,019 million. Of these, 2% is settled through cash-on-delivery (with a trend of continuous growth).
  • Enhance User Experience: Offering customers multiple payment methods to choose from significantly improves their satisfaction. This builds trust in the transportation company, ensuring the success of the transaction.

Choose COD shipping with BLL

For your COD shipments, choose BLL Trasporti. We are the reliable partner for your logistics organization, an expert courier you can rely on for your deliveries and pickups. Our company, based in Reggio Emilia, with branches in Milan and Bologna, is equipped with an efficient fleet of vehicles, always at your service. Our vehicles are equipped for all types of deliveries, ensuring effective coverage throughout Northern and Central Italy.

Entrust your COD shipment to us, and we will take care of everything. Contact us for more information or visit our blog.

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