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The 7.5-ton goods transport truck: a fast and versatile hauler


Speed and efficiency for swift deliveries

When you need to ship goods, you want the assurance that your cargo will travel on a safe and reliable vehicle. A vehicle capable of reaching its destination smoothly and in the shortest possible time.

If you require a fast and secure shipment, you can choose BLL Trasporti: we’ll manage your request by employing the most suitable vehicles from our fleet.

We refer to our 7.5-ton goods transport truck when planning our pickup and delivery activities for customers who require shipments with substantial load capacity.

A van with unique features, capable of meeting diverse transportation needs, the 7.5-ton hauler is the ideal solution for time-sensitive deliveries. A prime example is transporting raw materials for product assembly.
Equipped with a hydraulic tailgate, the 7.5-ton trucks in our fleet make shipments manageable for recipients without forklifts. They are also environmentally friendly due to their excellent balance between load capacity and environmental impact.

Advantages of the 7.5-ton goods transport truck

Considered a “light” vehicle in the industrial vehicle landscape, the 7.5-ton goods transport truck boasts numerous advantages. Firstly, unlike many others, it can freely operate even on days with circulation restrictions. Additionally, its 6-meter linear cargo compartment allows for ample loading capacity. This makes it suitable for carrying up to 32 cubic meters of cargo, with a payload ranging from 2000 to 2300 kg.

The 7.5-ton hauler offers excellent maneuverability and, with an equivalent cargo capacity in cubic meters, good operational efficiency. It’s primarily employed for delivery and pickup rounds of parcels weighing up to 200/300 kg, sometimes quite large, on short and medium routes, both urban and rural. When equipped with a hydraulic tailgate, it can help solve various delivery and pickup challenges.

The BLL fleet at your service

To meet all our customers’ transportation needs, we provide an equipped fleet of vehicles. Our vehicles are designed to load and unload any type of product: from ADR goods to heavy cargo, including those requiring a hydraulic tailgate. Our vans are all equipped with GPS (satellite) and onboard computers for online tracking during the journey. Collaborations with specialized partners and a specially trained staff are BLL Trasporti‘s guarantee for safe, fast, and high-quality transportation. We’re industry leaders in industrial logistics, with an experienced and swift fleet that can deliver within 24 hours to over 1300 locations in Italy and within 48 hours throughout Northern and Central Italy.

Start planning your next shipment now and contact us for more information. We’ll respond as quickly as possible with a personalized proposal and a transportation solution tailored to your needs. Also, take a look at our LinkedIn page for all the latest news in the logistics and transportation sector.

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