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Online tracking: how package tracing works


Follow your shipments, anytime and anywhere

Are you awaiting an urgent delivery and need to track the vehicle transporting your goods? Time-critical shipments often risk halting production until the courier arrives. With online tracking, you’ll no longer have to worry!

BLL Trasporti’s tracking service is a powerful and effective tool that allows you to constantly monitor the status of your shipment through real-time updates. Thanks to our satellite tracking service, you can know at any moment where your dispatched goods are located and follow their journey from the starting point to the destination, directly from your home or office computer. This way, you always have control over travel speed, estimated delivery time, and any delays or incidents.

How online tracking works

If you choose to ship with BLL Trasporti, upon the departure of your goods, you’ll receive an online link by email. With a simple click, you can access our web portal where, by entering the shipment number or customer code, you’ll find all the information to monitor the position and status of your package easily and quickly. Thanks to live satellite connection, the courier’s route is always traced. All travel data, including any impacts or damage to the goods, will be recorded, and can be analyzed even after the shipment is completed.

Privacy is ensured, and packaging is safer, as the transport vehicle’s license plate is always displayed. This makes BLL Trasporti the perfect choice for delivering valuable items or goods requiring special transportation conditions.

Flexible and customized services with BLL Trasporti

BLL Trasporti is your reliable courier, a trustworthy partner for logistical organization. Thanks to our efficient fleet of vehicles, we deliver throughout Northern and Central Italy. With us, you can rely on a control and monitoring service step by step for each shipment. If you’re looking for an experienced courier you can count on for your deliveries and pickups, contact us immediately!

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