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Time factor to win the match of last mile: what delivery drivers ask to technology.

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Time is the most valuable resource for delivery drivers. It was revealed in a survey conducted by Kaos Marketing for Webfleet, Bridgestone’s fleet management solution, among drivers of light commercial vehicles (with a maximum gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes).

The sample consisted of 200 industry professionals operating in Milan, including both employed drivers and self-employed workers. The survey aimed to explore their satisfaction and expectations regarding the available technological tools during their daily activities.

The result, partly unexpected, puts time optimization at the top of the drivers’ priorities involved in delivery activities, even before fuel and mileage savings.

Also noteworthy are the data emerging from the answers about the adequacy of the technological equipment owned by the drivers (50% of employed drivers expressed dissatisfaction compared to 32% of self-employed workers) and the key characteristics mentioned for such equipment (efficiency, ease of use, robustness being the top ones). Reflecting the market’s doubts about the transition to electric vehicles, the survey also revealed the percentage of operators in the last mile delivery segment willing to purchase full electric vehicles. While some advantages were acknowledged (mostly access to restricted traffic zones and fuel savings), concerns about range, charging times, and the availability of electric charging stations across the territory outweighed the awareness of benefits.

The study was presented on March 29th during the roundtable discussion “Driven by knowledge: talking about the future of commercial mobility”. The speakers included Marco Federzoni, Sales Director Italy of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions, Patrizio Ricci, National President of CNA Fita and Vice President of the Central Committee for the National Register of Hauliers, and Anna Zannino, CEO of Kaos Marketing.

“This study has provided an interesting overview and offered several hints for reflection. There is much to be done for a sector like the last mile delivery, characterized by many developments and driver dissatisfaction,” says Marco Federzoni. “Webfleet can contribute to overcoming this complex phase by playing a leading role. Our technology is pervasive and supports drivers and transport companies in saving time and increasing safety, becoming a significant driver of productivity.”

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