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Why it’s beneficial to rely on a fleet-owning courier


Being a fleet-owning courier: advantages of integrated logistics

When we need to ship goods within Italy or abroad, it can happen that we turn to a freight and logistics company that is actually an intermediary, meaning it doesn’t own the vehicles used during the transportation and delivery process. This inevitably leads to a series of disadvantages that can compromise the success of the operation: from the risks of sub-contracting to those related to the safety of the cargo, all the way to the difficulty of tracking your shipment. Furthermore, we don’t know who is actually performing the transportation service because the vehicles belong to third parties.

That’s why it’s always better to rely on a fleet-owning courier, one that owns and independently manages its own trucks. By doing so, you can obtain numerous guarantees of reliability and quality. All the vehicles used during transportation are modern and undergo regular checks, as well as being equipped to handle every type of delivery with maximum safety, thanks to experienced and specially trained drivers. Not to mention that, during the journey, they are always traceable due to the onboard GPS navigator for online tracking.

An equipped and owned fleet of vehicles

At BLL Trasporti, we strongly believe in the advantages of integrated logistics. As a fleet-owning courier, all the vehicles we have are our own property: from those for lightweight transportation to those for hazardous ADR goods, all the way to 18-ton and 26-ton trucks. We carefully choose our drivers from the most experienced ones and pay maximum attention to the condition of the vehicles, which are regularly monitored. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with GPS systems, onboard computers, and safety devices such as seat belts, non-slip mats, fire extinguishers, etc.

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