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Analysis of courier rates


How to read shipping rates

Many customers find it difficult and frustrating to get a comprehensive overview of rates for shipping and transporting goods from one location to another. That’s why we’ve decided to create a mini guide on the topic, helpful in dispelling any doubts.

What’s included in shipping rates?

To be able to read and understand shipping rates, it’s necessary to have some knowledge, even if only superficial, of the elements that make up the phases of goods transportation. Generally, almost all shipments include these steps:

  • Delivery planning
  • Documentation check and preparation
  • Goods consolidation
  • Loading onto the transport vehicle
  • Goods delivery

It’s important to negotiate and obtain cost-effective transportation rates, but be cautious of additional cost items that can sometimes significantly affect the final transportation price. The affordability of rates is also seen in the clarity and simplicity with which they are presented.

Clear and readable rates with BLL Trasporti

At BLL Trasporti, we have always offered clear, readable, and manageable rates to make your logistical experience as efficient as possible. We create tailored quotes depending on the type of shipment, which also consider potential transport of ADR goods, heavy items, or those requiring a hydraulic tailgate. We are industry leaders in industrial logistics, thanks to an experienced and swift fleet that can deliver within 24 hours to over 1300 locations in Italy and within 48 hours throughout Northern and Central Italy.

Contact us for more information. We’ll respond as quickly as possible with a personalized proposal and a transportation solution suitable for your needs.

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