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BLL Trasporti’s insurance on the shipped goods


Every journey is unpredictable: protect yourself with an insurance!

Transporting goods nowadays is a fundamental activity for any company. Unfortunately, it also involves a series of risks that, if not calculated and prevented, could compromise the efficiency of the shipment and the integrity of the products.

Any damages caused by impacts, thefts, or unforeseen weather events could lead to significant financial and reputational losses. Goods must always be well protected, especially during their transportation, which needs to occur safely and smoothly. This is why BLL Trasporti offers its customers an advantageous and affordable insurance service.

Protect your goods with BLL Trasporti

Over time, the insurance coverage we offer to our customers for their goods has proven to be particularly effective. This is because it is arranged directly with the carrier, without the need to take out a policy, and only covers the specific shipment in question. What does this mean and what advantages can it provide? Simply put, this way, the shipment is insured in case of damage to the goods or part of them, due to accidents or other factors beyond the carrier’s control. Arranging shipment insurance coverage is therefore an important choice to protect against the dangers that transportation exposes them to.

Your shipments in safety

Unforeseen events are always around the corner in the industrial logistics sector. It’s therefore a good idea to have extra protection, such as insurance coverage for your shipments, so as not to be caught unprepared for risks along the way. Thanks to our extensive experience and an efficient fleet of vehicles, we at BLL Trasporti offer safe and high-quality transportation at all levels. Our network connects any location throughout the Italian national territory, with regular line services, groupage, industrial transports, dedicated services, ADR hazardous goods transports, and much more!

For your goods, choose comprehensive and customizable insurance coverage with all the guarantees you need. Contact one of our offices in Reggio Emilia, Milan, or Bologna for more information. One of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible with a tailored proposal.

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