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How the transport sector is changing in the times of Covid-19


The impact of the health emergency on logistics

The coronavirus pandemic has brought about various changes and challenges in the goods transport sector, disrupting warehouse schedules and access procedures, and extending loading and unloading times. Once again, the importance of flexibility and digitization in logistics has been highlighted. Many companies have had to alter their business models and experiment with new collaborative and organizational solutions to adapt more rapidly to national restrictions and the needs of supply chains and consumers.

Unlike some other sectors, the freight transport industry has not experienced a complete standstill or significant economic losses. Unable to leverage the benefits of remote work due to drivers needing to remain with their vehicles to perform their duties, the logistics sector seized upon the emergency as an opportunity for innovation and update.

Solutions implemented by BLL Trasporti

To ensure compliance with anti-Covid regulations, we have implemented several solutions. A crucial first step was equipping our team of technicians and drivers with necessary personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks, and sanitizing our vehicles daily before departure and upon return to our premises. Furthermore, our staff is consistently educated on health protocols and undergoes regular screening tests with mandatory swabs. Interactions among personnel in different operational areas, offices, or warehouses are limited and continuously monitored. Having our entire fleet equipped with satellite systems has been a crucial factor, enabling GPS-based mapping of our vehicles’ rest stops. This way, in case of infection, it’s possible to easily trace the location and time of potential contact.

Thanks to these measures, we can ensure customers utmost reliability and adherence to transit times without jeopardizing our employees’ safety. BLL Trasporti’s couriers can thus deliver throughout Northern and Central Italy with complete security.

A glimpse into the logistics of the future

Operating in the goods transport sector during the time of Covid-19 is no easy task. In addition to traditional safety regulations, there are now anti-contagion measures, and companies are required to implement new health support systems to safeguard workers and maintain a safe work environment. Those who have not embraced innovation are encountering significant challenges in entering the market, while businesses that have adopted flexible and intelligent solutions are being rewarded.

At BLL Trasporti, we have chosen to be operational, yet prioritize safety. In this challenging period, we are the ideal partner for logistical organization, offering an efficient fleet of vehicles equipped for all types of deliveries, providing consistently punctual and reliable services. Our company is paving the way for the future – you can rely on us for your deliveries and pickups. Contact us for more information.

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