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Free port and assigned port: what are the differences?

Porto franco e porto assegnato

Two different payment methods

When we have to send or receive a package, we may come across the terms “porto franco” and “porto assegnato.” Despite the simplicity and immediacy of buying or selling goods on the Internet today, even over long distances, there are still some unclear points for many, such as the difference between these two shipping clauses.

Let’s take a closer look at the main differences between “porto franco” and “porto assegnato”:

Porto Franco: In this case, the sender is responsible for the shipping payment, which is made before the merchandise departs. It is a convenient method for the customer because it allows them to pay for the transportation cost immediately along with the cost of the goods.

Porto Assegnato: Unlike “porto franco,” in this case, the recipient makes the payment when the merchandise is delivered. By asking the supplier to separate the cost of the goods from the transportation cost, it is possible to better evaluate whether it is worth leaving the choice of the carrier to the supplier or selecting a trusted transport company, perhaps one that is faster and more economical.

Rely on BLL Trasporti for your shipment

A good opportunity to optimize cost management is to choose whether to ship or receive goods on “porto franco” or “porto assegnato” terms. At BLL Trasporti, we are always available to guide you towards the solution that best suits your needs. Thanks to our experience in the transport sector and our three branches located in Milan, Bologna, and Reggio Emilia, we can guarantee efficient and continuous assistance. We deliver within 24 hours to over 1300 locations in Italy and within 48 hours to the rest of Northern and Central Italy. Furthermore, with our express service, goods can be delivered within 24 or 48 hours from departure.

Contact us for more information. We will respond as quickly as possible with a personalized proposal and a suitable transport solution tailored to your needs.

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