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Vehicles with foreign license plates: changes to the Highway Code


Three months from March 18 to re-register

With the beginning of 2022, the Highway Code has once again changed, this time regarding the circulation in Italy of vehicles registered in foreign countries. The aim is to prevent all those situations in which a foreign license plate is used in Italy to obtain unwarranted tax advantages (such as not paying IPT or vehicle taxes, for example).

Effectively replacing the 2018 reform introduced by the Security decrees, the new law (Article 2 of Law 23.12.2021, No. 238) provides that the owner of a vehicle with a foreign license plate who has acquired residency in Italy must proceed with the re-registration of the vehicle within three months of acquiring residency. Furthermore, it stipulates that an individual residing in Italy who drives a foreign-registered vehicle without being the owner must carry on board a document signed by the registered owner indicating the title and duration of the vehicle’s availability. If the availability exceeds 30 days, registration with the PRA (Public Registry of Automobiles) is required. The new provisions will come into effect from the upcoming March 18.

Under the sanctioning regime, for those who fail to comply with the aforementioned re-registration deadlines, fines ranging from 400 to 1,600 euros are provided, with the withdrawal of the circulation document.

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