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What is Groupage and Why It’s Beneficial


Groupage: An Innovative Shipping Technique

When we talk about Groupage, we refer to a specific type of transportation solution that involves grouping and consolidating shipments from different customers within the same country into a single transportation operation, carried out with a single vehicle, in order to obtain more cost-effective transportation rates.

It is highly useful in cases where there aren’t large quantities of goods to be shipped. Hence, to save on shipping costs and streamline transportation, it’s advisable to opt for Groupage shipping.

Advantages of Groupage

What are the benefits of this shipping technique?

  • Savings on operational costs → Sharing shipping and storage costs with different customers maximizes synergy between businesses.
  • Improved service quality → Increased shipping frequency, along with a greater number of routes and covered destinations. The shared goal among companies also contributes to expanding transportation options and therefore the flexibility of Groupage.
  • More warehouse space → Consolidating goods allows for maximizing occupied space, reducing wastage of surface area not only in warehouses but also in vehicle trailers and containers.

Groupage Shipping with BLL Trasporti

At BLL Trasporti, we provide flexible, high-performance transportation services tailored to customer needs, including Groupage mode. We are a reliable partner for your logistics organization, an experienced courier you can count on for your deliveries and pickups. We never stop, thanks to an efficient fleet that carries out daily shipments throughout Italy.

To arrange a Groupage shipment, it’s crucial to turn to an experienced courier. Contact one of our branches in Reggio Emilia, Milan, or Bologna for more

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